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Baelz 373-E07 Control Valve in 3-Way Design

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tube x vedio valve company supplies Baelz 373-E07 Control Valve in 3-Way Design.
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In constant flow applications, the bi-directional ports of a 3-way control valve allow water to bypass the coil or load through mixing or diverting. An actuator is used to force an upward and downward movement of the valve’s plug which works to open and close off the different ports to redirect pressure and flow. Mixing applications have two inlets and one outlet, while diverting applications move water through one inlet and two outlets. The three-way valve is more cost effective control option for diverting or mixing applications than the use of multiple 2-way valves.

How It Works: 3-Way Valves

  • 3 main components: Valve body, Actuator, Spindle and Plug
  • You can use pneumatic or electric actuation
  • Available in many different diameters (15mm – 300mm)
  • Different size actuators are available for different size valve bodies.
  • There are three points: A, B and AB
  • Ports are bidirectional
  • Tight seal leakage protection

These valves operate using an actuator which moves the valve plug up and down; this plug opens and closes the valve’s ports to help redirect the pressure and flow of the passing fluid.

As mentioned earlier, 3-way valves can be used solely for opening or closing a passage, or for modulating and precisely controlling the flow and temperature of the process. In comparison to 2-way valves are a most cost-effective choice for diverting and mixing applications.



These valves are ideal for heating and cooling hot oil, water, and steam applications.

It is very important to orient the valves properly when using 3-way valves in mixing or diverting. 3-way valves are most commonly used as a bypass valve, which can be used on a primary or secondary loop.


  • Wood
  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Municipal Steam
  • Marine
  • Petroleum